Providing you with a glimpse of new hope

When our Program Director, Erin York, created the program, she considered what didn’t work well for clients. Forever Wellness & Recovery offers several diversion groups depending on your case.

We provide diversion treatment and counseling for individuals needing counseling for:

  • theft charges
  • substance charges
  • anger management
  • prostitution
  • parenting classes
  • life skills
  • domestic violence

Our flexible sessions offer multiple classes a month. Thus, you always come when you can. At Forever Wellness & Recovery, we fully understand that your life is still going on, and you need a helping hand to manage all aspects of it to get back on your feet.

You may pay for your class ahead of time by clicking Online Bill Pay

If you wish to learn more about our services, feel free to leave us a message here. You may also contact us at 318-562-6616 / 844-944-3837.