Diversion Program

Why chose Forever Wellness for any of your diversion needs?

When our Program Director, Erin York, was creating the program she took into consideration what didn’t work well for patients. Not everyone can come in the morning, so we included evening groups.

Forever Wellness offers many different diversion groups depending on your charge.

We have: theft, prostitution, anger management, domestic violence, marijuana, alcohol/dwi, and substance abuse.

We also know now everyone can pay all at once for your classes. Not a problem. We let you decide when you are financially able to attend your classes, but you won’t be punished by the DA or by us by stretching out your class schedule.

We offer different classes multiple times a month, on different times and days. You come when you can.

At Forever Wellness we fully understand that your life is still going on and you need to manage all aspects of it and not have your diversion program consume your entire life.

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